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Municipal / First Nation Application Information

Disaster Recovery Programs (DRP) are triggered by a Municipality or First Nation submitting a DRP application form through their AEMA Field Officer. Once the municipal application is received a DRP coordinator creates an Analysis Request to the DRP Contracted Hydrologist so an Environmental Impact Assessment can be carried out. In order for an event to qualify for DRP assistance, it must meet the following criteria to be determined an eligible event:

  1. Damages are uninsurable
  2. Event was extraordinary
  3. Event was widespread

If the Environmental Impact Assessment determines the event is extraordinary the coordinator will conduct a Community Impact Assessment to determine if the event is Widespread and uninsurable.

If there are any questions or concerns about the eligibility of the event, the applications may be presented to the Disaster Recovery Committee.

Please submit your completed application to the AEMA Field Officer from your region.

Please refer to the Alberta Disaster Assistance Guidelines for eligible items and limitations.

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  • Date modified: 2016-12-01