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Part 2 Recap

In Part 2 we introduced you to:

  • The Building Block Approach to an exercise program
  • Discussion-based exercises and how they are conducted
  • Operations-based exercises and how they are conducted
  • Common exercise elements such as communications, media participation, briefings, debriefings, and codewords

And we introduced you to these terms:

  • Building Block Approach
  • Prevention
  • Mitigation
  • Preparedness
  • Response
  • Recovery
  • Seminar
  • Workshop
  • Tabletop Exercise
  • Game
  • Drill
  • Functional Exercise
  • Full Scale Exercise
  • Situation Report (Sit Reps)

In the next two lessons, we’ll introduce you to the eight steps of exercise design, and talk about the types of documentation to use when participating in an exercise.

  • Date modified: 2017-03-22