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Lesson 9 Test Yourself

Operations-Based Exercises

1. True or false? In setting up an Operations-based exercise, planners must consider the assembly area, response route, response operations area, parking, registration, observer/media accommodations, and a possible Simulation Cell (SIMCELL) facility.

A. ____True

B. ____False

2.  True or false? Types of situations such as communication outages, equipment failures, and logistical limitations put stress on everyone and add little value to an exercise.

A. ____True

B. ____False

3.  Which exercise is NOT an operations-based exercise?

A. ____Game

B. ____Full Scale exercise

C. ____Functional exercise

D. ____Drill

4.  How is an operations-based exercise different from a discussion-based exercise?

A. ____An operations-based exercise is multi-organizational and multi-jurisdictional.

B. ____There is no difference in how the exercise works.  Only the number of participants increases in an operations-based exercise.

C. ____In an operations-based exercise, participants must resolve a scenario by actually acting out their responses, as opposed to talking about how they would respond.

D. ____An operations-based exercise is informal, designed to orient participants to new or updated plans, policies, or procedures.

E. ____An operations-based exercise is an activity where key staff members are gathered together to discuss various simulated emergency situations.

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