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Lesson 7 Test Yourself

Building Block Approach

1.  Which Emergency Management functions best describe the following exercise descriptions?  Fill in the blanks.

A.  A ______________________   exercise focuses on the review and identification of existing hazards and the steps and resources needed to reduce the potential impact of those hazards should an emergency or disaster occur.

B. A ___________ exercise focuses on those critical and immediate measures required to save lives and protect property during an emergency.

C. A ___________ exercise focuses on those non-critical, longer term activities required to return a disaster area as closely as possible to its original condition.

D. A ___________ exercise focuses on preparing you and your organization for an emergency.  All exercises therefore fall under this function.

2.  An exercise program can be progressive, where, for example, an organization can start with basic exercises to test specific elements and then go on to occasionally use exercises that take greater resources and time, and are more complex.  What do we call this approach?

  1. _____ Building Block Approach
  2. _____ All Hazards Approach
  3. _____ Discussion-based
  4. _____ Operations-based
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