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Lesson 5 Test Yourself

Basics of an Exercise Program

1. Number the five major phases of an exercise in their proper sequence.

A. ___ Exercise Conduct

B. ___ Exercise Evaluation and Reporting

C. ___ Prepare the Foundation

D. ___ Improvement Planning

E. ___ Exercise Design and Development

2.  A hot-wash occurs immediately following an exercise.  Which of the following statements would apply to a hot-wash? Choose all that apply.

A. ____ Deficiencies will be publicised in order to motivate personnel.

B. ____  Any issues or concerns that occurred during the exercise, and proposed improvement items that can be identified.

C. _____The players' level of satisfaction with the exercise can be determined.

D. _____ Events can be captured while they remain fresh in the minds of the players.

3. True or false? Regional exercise scenarios should be developed to include participants from multiple agencies and jurisdictions as this would likely reflect actual response to a disaster.

A. ____True

B. ____False

4. True or false? The Safety Officer’s primary responsibility is to analyze the entire exercise from a safety perspective in order to identify all possible safety hazards and resolve each one.

A. ____True

B. ____False

5. True or false? The Safety Officer does not have the authority to terminate an activity, or even the entire exercise, if a safety problem arises.

A. ____True

B. ____False

6.  Which are the four types of planning conferences?  Choose all that apply.

  1. ____Evaluation conference
  2. ____Final planning conference
  3. ____Concept and objectives
  4. ____Mid term planning conference
  5. ____Initial planning conference
  6. ____Time line conference

7. True or false? The purpose of the final planning conference is to gain agreement and support from the exercise planning team on scope, design requirements, and conditions.

  1.  ____True
  2. ____False
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