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Lesson 4 Test Yourself

Governance of an Exercise Program

1. True or false? Governance of an exercise program is the responsibility of the organization.

A. ____True

B. ____False

2. The challenges faced by an exercise program manager are varied and numerous. Specific skill sets are required to successfully develop, facilitate and control an exercise.  These can be broken down into 3 categories: Essential, Leadership, and Professional.  You are interviewing to select members of your team, and have a candidate you feel would be ideal.

You have been advised that all successful applicants need a minimum ranking as follows:

 40% in Essential Skills

 50% in Leadership Skills

 10% in Professional Skills

Each individual skill has a ranking of 10.  The candidate you like has been identified as having the following skills:

  • Is flexible
  • Solid relationship builder
  • Has extensive fiscal knowledge
  • Resolves conflicts effectively
  • Has up to date knowledge
  • Is a good mentor
  • Has significant technical expertise
  • Is a good problem solver
  • Is a good team member
  • Is self-directed

Given the ranking criteria above, should you select this person?

A. ____Yes

B. ____No

3.  Funding has been refused for the renewal of an exercise program.  Reasons for the refusal were given as follows:

  • the exercise program plan does not include all appropriate jurisdictions
  • similar deficiencies have been observed repeatedly in previous exercise cycles, indicating that corrective steps have not been taken
  • previous exercise evaluations list observations of deficiencies and omissions, but are weak on analysis and corrective actions
  • previous and planned exercises are focussed on a single hazard

What governance principles need to be strengthened as part of the reassessment of the exercise program so that funding could be re-applied for?  Choose all that apply

A. ____Establish exercise program emergencies based on an all hazards approach

B. ____Monitor whether exercises conducted are consistent with the national framework

C. ____Provide an improvement plan based on recommendations from the After Action Report (AAR)

D. ____Make sure that various joint emergency operations centres, staff, and their linkages with other organizations are prepared

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