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Lesson 3 Test Yourself

Multi-Year Exercise Program

1.True or false?A multi-year exercise program is a cycle of exercise activity of varying degrees of complexity, using a combination of exercise types to meet exercise specific objectives and program goals.

A. ____True

B. ____False

2. True or false? The multi-year exercise program should be based on the needs of the organization preparing for emergencies. The program would clearly identify the specific issues that need to be addressed in order of priority, with the most critical being first.

A. ____True

B. ____False

3. While a multi year exercise cycle may run on a 5 year basis, you must continually update the schedule to take the following into account.  Choose all that apply.

A. ____Lessons learned from previous exercises

B. ____Changes in personnel

C. ____Changes in an organization’s risk assessments

D. ____All of the above

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