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Lesson 12 Test Yourself

Exercise Documentation

1. What exercise documentation is recommended for all exercises?  Choose all that apply.

  1. _____Master scenario events list
  2. _____Exercise evaluation guides
  3. _____Player handbook
  4. _____Exercise control plan
  5. _____Evaluation plan
  6. _____All of the above

2.  Match the documentation with its purpose.

A. ____ C/E handbook

1. Contains a list of instructions for players as well as information about players’ responsibilities and functions

B.  ____ Exercise control plan

2.  Handbook provided to all participants in a discussion-based exercise, particularly TTXs.

C.  ____ Player handbook

3.  Contains detailed information about the scenario and describes roles and responsibilities of controllers and evaluators

D.  ____ Situation manual

4.  Given only to directing staff and evaluators, describes their roles and responsibilities

3. Fill in the blank:

A general information document that provides a synopsis of operations based exercises and helps them to run smoothly is a ____________.

4. Place the 8 step evaluation process in the correct order.

Step 1 _____

A. Analyze data

Step 2 _____

B. Observe the exercise and collect data

Step 3 _____

C. Finalize and issue the AAR

Step 4 _____

D. Track implementation

Step 5 _____

E. Plan and organize the evaluation

Step 6 _____

F. Develop the draft AAR

Step 7 _____

G. Identify improvements and corrective actions that need to be implemented

Step 8 _____

H. Conduct an exercise debrief

5. A situation manual gives background information on the exercise scope, schedule, and objectives.  Would it also include the scenario narrative that participants would use during an exercise?



6. Who is the exercise plan (EXPLAN) intended for?

  1. _____Controllers
  2. _____Victims
  3. _____Exercise participants and observers
  4. _____Observers
  5. _____Evaluators
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