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Lesson 11 Test Yourself

Eight Steps to Exercise Design

1. Number, in order, the eight steps to designing and developing an exercise.

A. ___ Compose a narrative

B. ___ Define objectives

C. ___ List expected actions

D. ___ Write a statement of purpose

E. ____Assess needs

F. ____Write major and detailed events

G. ____Prepare messages

H. ____Define the scope

2. A needs assessment has 3 basic steps.  Select the 3 that apply:

A. ______ Define problems

B. ______ Identify the functions to be exercised

C. ______ Get full organizational participation

D. ______ Find Subject Matter Experts (SME)

E. ______ Establish the reasons to do an exercise

3.  True or false? By using LEVEL OF PLAY MATRIX, organizations can commit early on in the exercise planning process to a specified level of play after they have reviewed the planned exercise scope and objectives.

A. ____True

B. ____False

4.  5 categories make up the scope of an exercise?  Which one of the answers below is NOT one of the categories?

A. ______ Hazards

B. ______ Organizations and personnel

C. ______ Geographic area

D. ______ Availability of Subject Matter Experts (SME)

E. ______ Functions

F. ______ Exercise type

5.  What is a statement of purpose?

A. ______ A detailed explanation of the planned exercise.

B. ______ A list of resources to be used in an exercise.

C. ______ A statement of intent to begin an exercise program.

D. ______ A statement that identifies who will be involved in an exercise.

E. ______ A general statement about an upcoming exercise activity.

6.  Major and detailed events are related in that detailed events are smaller problems of each major event, while major events are the big problems arising from an emergency. In the statements below, one is a major event, while the others are detailed events for the major event.  Identify the major event taken from the events in an air crash scenario.

A. ______ Local hospitals lack specialized facilities and personnel to treat large numbers of severe burn victims.

B. ______ The Canadian Red Cross has agreed to set up a family information center to link victims and their families.

C. ______ Estimates of passenger victims rise between 200 and 220 deaths and at least 70 severe burn victims.

D. ______ The mortuary is unable to accept the large numbers of remains resulting from the crash.

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