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AAR                       After Action Report

CAP                       Corrective Action Plan

C & 0                     Concept and Objectives

C&O Meeting        Concept and Objectives Meeting

CCG                       Community Control Group

C/E Handbook      Controller and Evaluator Handbook

CEC                       Comprehensive Exercise Curriculum

CBRNE                  Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear or Explosive

CISM                     Critical Incident Stress Management

CNSC                     Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission

COOP                    Continuity of Operations Plan

COSIN                   Control Staff Instructions

CP                         Command Post

CPX                       Command Post Exercise

EEG                       Exercise Evaluation Guide

EER                       Exercise Evaluation Report

EI                           Emergency Information

EIO                        Emergency Information Officer

EMO                      Emergency Management Office

EOC                       Emergency Operations Centre

EOP                       Emergency Operating Plan or Procedure

EP                         Exercise Program

EPW                      Exercise Plan Workshop

EVALPLAN           Evaluation Plan

EXPLAN                Exercise Plan

FE                          Functional Exercise

FPC                       Final Planning Conference

FSE                       Full-Scale Exercise

FY                          Fiscal Year

HAZMAT               Hazardous Materials

HUSAR                  Heavy Urban Search and Rescue

IC                           Incident Command

ICP                        Incident Command Post

ICS                        Incident Command System

IMS                       Incident Management System

IP                           Improvement Plan

IPC                        Initial Planning Conference

JEOC                     Joint Emergency Operations Centre

JIC                         Joint Information Centre

JPIC                      Joint Public Information Centre

LLIS                      Lessons Learned Information Sharing

MEPP                    Master Exercise Practitioner Program

MOU                      Memorandum of Understanding

MPC                      Mid-Term Planning Conference

MSEL                    Master Scenario Events List

MSEL Conference Master Scenario Events List Conference

NEMTC                 National Emergency Management Training Committee

PIO                        Public Information Officer

POC                       Point of Contact

PPE                       Personal Protective Equipment

PROFLOW            Procedural Flow

PS                          Public Safety Canada

RCMP                   Royal Canadian Mounted Police

SIMCELL              Simulation Cell

SITMAN                Situation Manual

SMART                          Simple, Measurable, Achievable, Results-oriented, Task-oriented

SME                      Subject Matter Expert

SOE                       Senior Officials Exercise

SOG                       Standard Operating Guidelines

SOREM                 Senior Officials Responsible For Emergency Management

SOP                       Standard Operating Procedure

TTX                       Tabletop Exercise

UC                         Unified Command

VIP                        Very Important Person

  • Date modified: 2017-03-22