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2015 Disaster Recovery Programs

The deadline to apply was March 16, 2016.

On July 12, 2015, Albertans living in Chestermere, Langdon and Rocky View County experienced an intense rainstorm that caused flooding.

Disaster Recovery Programs (DRPs) provide financial assistance for uninsurable property damage, loss and other expenses incurred as the result of a disaster. The Disaster Recovery Program is designed to assist people get back on their feet after a disaster by providing financial assistance that helps return their property or contents to a basic, functioning level. Applicants are encouraged to pursue their own insurance options first.

Learn how this applies to:

How it works

Principal homeowners, tenants, small business owners, agricultural operators, condominium corporations, public institutions and not-for-profit organizations who meet the qualification criteria may have their damages and losses assessed by the DRP for eligibility.

See: Qualification Requirements for further information. 

How to apply

The deadline to apply for this program was March 16, 2016 and applications are no longer being accepted.

Applications for Review (Appeal)

If an applicant disagrees with the final total assistance they receive from the DRP, they can dispute the decision by filing an Application for Review.

DRP Application for Review (Appeal)
Application for Review instructions

Would I have qualified for assistance after the July 2015 rainstorm?

If you are a principal homeowner or tenant, small business owner or landlord, agricultural operation, not-for-profit organization, institution or condo association, you suffered uninsurable property damage or loss on July 12, 2015, and you live in one of the communities below, you may be eligible to apply for DRP assistance:
  • City of Chestermere
  • Langdon
  • Rocky View County

How is the amount of financial assistance I receive determined?

DRP assistance is determined on an individual applicant basis. A DRP evaluator will complete an on-site property assessment for all applicants who qualify for the program.   Damaged property and contents which meet the criteria set out by the Disaster Recovery Guidelines will be eligible for financial assistance. Assistance may vary based on the circumstances unique to each application.

How long will it take to process my application and issue payment?

Processing times may vary based on the complexity of the case. Payments are calculated after the property has been assessed and all required documentation has been provided to the program.  Applicants will be contacted once their payment has been processed and is ready to be sent.

Application Deadline

The deadline to apply is March 16, 2016.


Applicants can contact DRP staff directly toll-free at 1-888-671-1111 or by email at
  • Date modified: 2016-03-31