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Alberta Emergency Plan

The plan serves as the provincial strategy to direct an integrated cross-government approach to emergency management within the province. It establishes the Alberta Emergency Management Agency as the co-coordinating body for the government’s emergency plans and as the entity that ensures all partners work within a common framework. The plan is designed to ensure the protection of people, property, communities, environment and economies from the effects of emergencies and disasters.

Key points:

  • Presents a description of the Alberta emergency management system.
  • Reference to the government's business continuity plan and hazard-specific plans.
  • Outlines the roles and responsibilities of government ministries and emergency management: partners in the emergency management system.
  • Delineates the preparation, implementation and maintenance of plans required by government ministries and local authorities.
  • Describes the general procedures for coordination of provincial emergencies.
  • Date modified: 2017-06-29