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Alberta Emergency Management Agency Stakeholder Summits

2016 AEMA Stakeholder Summit

November 21 and 22 Presentations

Keynote 1 - Horse River Fire (May 2016) and Re-entry of Evacuated Residents (Darby Allen, Bob Couture)  Video 1    Video 2
Plenary 1 - Alberta Resilient Communities Project (Dr. Julie Drolet, Lisa Elford, Janelle Richardson)
Plenary 2 - Catastrophic loss trends in Canada (Glenn McGillivray)
Dinner - Heroes, Helpers & HOPE – From Brussels to Baton Rouge and Beyond (Suzanne Bernier)
Keynote 2 - Adaptive Leadership in Emergency Management (Kelly Discount)
Plenary 3 - Provincial Response to the Horse River Fire (Shane Schreiber)

Breakout Sessions

A1 - Collaboration and Regionalization – Small Town Opportunities and Challenges (Rodney Schmidt)
A2 - Multiple Roles of ESSNA (Scott Cameron, Donelda Laing, Carole Bouchard, Lori Prediger)
A3 - Surviving PTSD (Deanna Lennox)
A4 - Disaster Recovery in Alberta (Jennifer Dolecki, Dana Woodworth)

B1 - Evacuation Planning Guidelines (Ray Lazarus)
B2 - Better Together: The Critical Role of Non-Profits in Emergency Response (Michael Grogan, Matthew Swatsky)
B3 - Alberta Post-Secondary Institutions – lessons learned from response to the RMWB evacuation (Adam Conway, Linda Hui)
B4 - PESS Framework (Sonya Perkins, Scott Cameron, Brent Davis)

C1 - Business Continuity Discussion: Business Continuity Disruptions and Hard Lessons Learned (Alan Younghusband, Naz Aitkulova, Dan Howlader)
C2 - Fort McMurray Wildfire – Fire of the Century (CTF2) (Susan Henry, Ken McMullen)
C3 - New Approaches to Stormwater Management in View of Increased Climatic Variability (Dr. Hans Schreier) - Video
C4 - AEMA Stakeholder Engagement Workshop (Len Hancock, Katie McQuestion)

D1 - Crisis Communications (Chris McPherson, Sheri Doyle)
D2 - Edmonton’s Response to the Fort McMurray Wildfire (Robert Squire)
D3 - A Partnerships Approach: Canadian Red Cross as an Auxiliary to Government (Melanie Soler)
D4 - 2016 Water Issues (John Conrad, Ana Gonzalez, Wendy Giamberardino

2015 AEMA Stakeholder Summit

November 30 and December 1 Presentations

Keynote 1 - Learning the Hard Way - the Evolution of Emergency Management (Tom Sampson)
Keynote 2 - The Characteristics of Disaster Volunteerism in a Digital Age: Implications for Emergency Management Practice (Jean Slick)
Panel - Transportation of Dangerous Goods by Rail (Malcolm Mullin, Wendy Giamberardino, Paul Driver, Kara Edwards)
Plenary 1 - 2015 High Level Region Wildfires: A Lesson in Regional Cooperation (Rodney Schmidt)
Plenary 2 - Critical Incident Stress Management (Roy Langer)
Dinner Speaker - The Power of Leadership (Marvin Washington, University of Alberta,

Breakout A1 - Emergency Responder Psychological Wellness (Deanna Lennox)
Breakout A2 - A Pragmatic Approach to Operating an EOC (Patrick McCabe, Christina Franklin)
Breakout A3 - READYCALGARY – Developing a Community-focused Emergency Management Program (Charles Bowerman)
Breakout A4 - Water Shortage in Alberta (John Conrad & Kevin Wilkinson)
Breakout B1 - Navigating the Terrain to Emergency Management Partnership (Jennifer Wood)
Breakout B2 - Panel Discussion on Arson and Investigations (Jeff Henricks, Peter Tewfik, Leigh Sawicki, Don Rosland)
Breakout B3 - Project Zero (Tom Littlechild)
Breakout B4 - AEMA Initiatives Update (Shane Schreiber, Dave Galea)
Breakout C1 - Community Emergency Management Program (CEMP) (Rein Tonowski, Daryl Mahoney)
Breakout C2 - Animal Rescue Plan (Carly Benson, Lisa Coyne)
Breakout C3 - Incident Management Team Development and Certification (Mark Eckley, Ron Robinson)
Breakout C4 - Introduction to the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner (Dr. Jeffrey Gofton)
Breakout C5 - Urban Interface Wildfire Fighting Training (Jamie Coutts)
Breakout D1 - Hi, my name is Industry, can we have an emergency together? (Darren J. Butt)
Breakout D2 - EMX 16 Discussion and Information Gathering (Scott Long, Tom Sand)
Breakout D3 - Do you know who would be walking through the door when you open a reception centre? (Scott Cameron, Bonnie Lewin)
Breakout D4 - Asset Retention - CANCELLED
Breakout D5 - Discussion Only: An Emergency Management Professional Association for Alberta? (Shane Schreiber, Claire Mechan, Kathy Sokolan-Oblak, Tom Sampson)

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