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Each year during disaster season, Alberta Emergency Alert builds awareness of the program and encourages Albertans to sign up to receive alerts. Audio, video and visual advertising is distributed to media and municipal partners for broadcast and promotion of their important role in the alerting system.    


TV Spot 1 - Wildfires, Floods, Hazardous Materials 

TV Spot 2 - Thunderstorms, Tornadoes, AMBER Alert


Radio Spot 1 - AMBER Alert

Radio Spot 2 - Floods

Radio Spot 3 - Hazardous Materials

Radio Spot 4 - Severe Summer Weather

Radio Spot 5 - Wildfire


Municipal and broadcast media partners who wish to place an Alberta Emergeny Alert widget on their websites please email your request to Alberta Emergency Alert. 


  • Date modified: 2015-05-25

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